About IM with God…and TheOneNU

angllhugnu2.jpg           Every so often when I am alone, perhaps sitting quietly in my humble mountain home,  there is a soft whisper of a voice that calls me to conversation.   

While we have plenty of images and symbols that seem to relate well to what we THINK The One (God) can be best described, they will always fall short and feel incomplete. 

So, I will just say The One (God) is my buddy, my friend, my confidant, my hero, my lover, my warmth, my confidence, my way, my truth, my life.  

Afterall is said and done, this Internet space of conversation is the new home blog for my book about my friend the One God I will often refer to here as TheOneNU.   You can find out more about TheOneNU in my new book  IM with God, published through Booklocker.com. 

I am glad you stopped by to visit.  I do hope there will be something you will find worth taking to heart in what is written when you visit, read and choose to surf further on down the Internet.

 Welcome friend to the life I live with TheOneNU!  I will share with you something one of my dearest and most admired friends once said to me…You are loved…and loved RIGHT NOW!






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